Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trail Speedwork

Trail Speedwork
Today we did our speed work on the trails, 1 mile loop. 1mi warm-up, then 5 1 mile loops with 90sec rest in between each mile. Another tough workout! Felt good to be back running after taking three days off. Doc diagnosis is either sports hernia or torn muscle, need to get a MRI to make a determination. Doc says to take it easy, I can run but stop when pain starts. Hopefully I can work through this and still run my remaining for 1/2 marathons and the Chicago Marathon.

Temp 84° Total Miles: 6.14

Warm up
Dist           Time     Pace
1.0mi       9:30     9:30

Trail Speedwork
Dist    Time   Pace
1mi     7:38   7:38
1mi     7:38   7:38
1mi     7:47   7:47
1mi     7:54   7:54
1mi     7:54   7:53

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