Saturday, January 14, 2012

Burbank Frosty 5K
Ran:    3.1 miles
Time:  24:14 (hh:mm:ss)
Pace:  7:48minutes/mile 
Temperature:  14°

Angelica, Maria, Andy and I running the Burbank Frosty 5K. The conditions were cold, with snow flurries, and the streets were salty, icy and slushy. For me a new record PW(personal worst), I learned two important things, 1) don't run 5 miles the night before a race, and 2) Be sure to tie your running pants before a race. I decided to wear my waterproof/windproof running pants for the race, when I put them on in the warm house they were very snug so I didn't tie them, but after about a mile into the race in the cold temps they loosened up and I had to keep pulling them up, then after about two miles I had to hold them up while I was running until the end of the race : ( . It was a fun race, just wished that I was better prepared.

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