Saturday, May 19, 2012

Would You Stop to Help?

Today we were at the House of Harley’s 20th Annual Bike Show and as The Dirty Deuce Band said it was a beautiful day! 
Our purpose was to raise awareness for Neurofibromatosis.  I am glad I wasn’t asked to pick out my favorite bike, because every bike was cool.  If you stopped to visit us today thanks!  You made our day.

I ask the question, if you saw a bike on the side of the road that needed help would you stop or just ride by.  Neurofibromatosis needs your help and you might be thinking I don’t know anything about Neurofibromatosis, so how can I help?  Well let me explain that Neurofibromatosis Midwest is a non-profit organization that offers support to families that are affected with Neurofibromatosis (NF). 
There are several easy ways to help.
  1. Donate today.  Click the big green button to the right that says “DONATE”.  The link will take you to our First Giving website.  Or if you prefer you can mail a check directly to the NF Midwest office at: NF Midwest, 473 Dunham Road, Suite 3, St. Charles, IL 60174
  2. Instead of using Google to search the internet you can go to and set up an account which donates a penny each time you search the internet using GoodSearch.
  3. Now if you are really ambitious, you can contact the NF Midwest office and let them know that you would like to organize a Charity Ride or a Poker Run to benefit NF Midwest.
Most people have never heard of Neurofibromatosis and until a year ago, we too knew nothing about it.  Here we are today, giving our time for the simple reason of trying to raise awareness.  When I decided I wanted to run the Chicago Marathon for a second time, I decided this time I wanted to make a difference for someone and I chose Neurofibromatosis.  I am running to honor a former student of mine who has Neurofibromatosis.  In a recent interview he said, he did know that anyone cared about him.  So I hope that through my efforts, he can see that there are many people who do care.  I hope you decided that you can help too in some way or another to show you care too!

Thanks for visiting us today and I know you will ride happy, so make sure you ride safe!

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