Saturday, April 14, 2012


Last year, prior to beginning my 18 week marathon training, I decided to research the benefits of a personal trainer before a marathon. My first half marathon was the Oak Brook Half Marathon in September 2010. But I knew that running 26.2 miles, was going to require a lot more training.

I’ve been running for over twenty years and I had never done any weight training. After researching the benefits of a personal trainer before a marathon, it seemed clear that weight training for your core, and upper an lower body would have great benefits for longer distance running and would improve my Marathon Training.

I did not want to hire just any personal trainer. I wanted to seek the advice from someone who had run a marathon and could offer me the best advice and a training program with the most benefits for my running. I wanted to be fully prepared for the marathon and was doing all the recommended steps for a safe race. I had a membership for the fitness center at our Park District and I knew they had personal trainers. I set up an appointment with Pam for a session. Prior to our session, Pam and I talked and we determined the areas that I needed to focus on through weight training and cross training. When I arrived for my session, Pam had structured a program to fit my goals. She provided me with notes and diagrams on how to do the exercises. By the end of the session it was obvious the benefits of a personal trainer before a marathon. Nothing compares to learning the proper ways of exercise than have someone show you how it’s done. We kept in contact throughout my marathon training and even after the marathon. She was always willing to answer my questions about the training.

My marathon training included a schedule of weight training, cross training and running. As the running portion of the marathon training took on longer distance running, I could feel the effects of the weight training and cross training and it did improve my running and endurance.

I am planning on working with a personal trainer to fine tune my weight training routine as a prepare for my second marathon this October.

I can attest to the benefits of a personal trainer before a marathon. Be sure to find someone who can help you determine the areas of focus for your weight training and cross training that will offer benefits to improve your running.

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